We Are Idea Developers

R&D2 is an idea development factory. We take concepts that will impact people's lives for the better and turn them into reality on a daily basis. From idea prototyping to retail-ready production, we offer a full suite of realization services.

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Not sure what you want to make or how to build it? We can help you come up with the perfect product idea that meets your needs and market.


Blending form and function with a design that wows customers is always challenging, but we have experience and methodology to make it work.


Ready to build a prototype and bring your idea to life, or bring a design to waiting customers? We have the tools, suppliers, and knowledge

A Little Bit About Us

We are a team with a passion for real-world solutions that bring satisfaction and smiles.

Michael D'Orazio

Founder & Developer

Michael has been designing and developing software and hardware systems across multiple industries for over a decade. In addition to 3d modeling, user experience optimization, and product design, Michael also specializes in component sourcing and vendor management (both domestic and Asia-based). He has worked with clients including Sony, Toyota, Verizon, and Red Bull on a variety of projects, including connected vehicle technologies and Internet of Things device development. Michael regularly consults with top-tier business partners about strategic product direction, market demand, and technology capabilities.

Max Rasovsky

Founder & Developer

Max has developed and managed complex software systems for clients in the gaming, automotive, and telecommunications industries. He specializes in rapid product fabrication techniques utilizing the latest developments in embedded hardware components and 3D printing. Beyond designing and building software and hardware products, Max is also an experienced leader of engineering teams and has worked with both in-house and remote teams across many clients, including Toyota, Honda, and LexisNexis to bring new products to market.

Our Work


Products In-Market

Cups of Coffee

Ideas Accomplished

Reactive Touch

Tactile display buttons for automotive interaction

We created physical buttons with LCD screens to tackle the twofold problem of driver distraction and the need for flexible interaction with media applications. When the context changes, so do the buttons - it's a faster, safer solution to in-car interaction than touchscreens.

Visit reactivetouch.net for more information.

3D Printed Consumer Products

Fun in the shower and in your mailbox

Inspired by the desire to bring more fun to everyday interactions, we design 3D printable snap-together greeting cards, shower heads, doorstops, and other items that go a step beyond their normal counterparts.

Visit Etsy to view or purchase some of our works.

Life Enhancement Products

Incremental products for a better life.

Combining traditional materials, electronics, and 3D printing, we've created products that make life just a little bit better. For example, our line of terrariums and adaptive air filters draw on NASA research to not just make a great home for plants, but also filter the air.

Electronics Prototypes

Rapid prototypes for unique applications.

We believe that businesses and consumers shouldn't be limited by traditional design and manufacturing processes. We utilize rapid prototyping techniques combined with widely available electronics to create small-run solutions for specific applications. For example, we created an internet-connected tip jar to allow customers to tip cashiers using Venmo.